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Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday Monday

We've had 3 sets of lookers, no takers. Another set is coming today, then  the entire REMAX office will be trooping through on Tuesday. We've also been warned that the weekend viewings will probably be picking up due to the warm weather - sigh, no rest for the wicked. David has been battling it out with Slava, the pain in the ass he's been building the deck for. He had given him a good price since he's a friend of Roman's and it was supposed to be an easy job. He should've known better. Since he started it was constant phone calls, one yelling session, Slava changed plans a few times but didn't understand why he should pay for it, etc. Then David went to finish the other day and was stopped by security (it's in a planned community) to see his permit. Turns out Slava never filed for one. So David told him just to pay him for the work done and find someone else. It took him two days and another arguement to get him money but he did it. Of course now we find out this seems to be this guys'  usual behavior, Romans' wife told David Slava had gotten into with someone over a parking space last week and the police were called and he's already been battling with the guys he hired to build a retaining wall. So I'm glad to be done with that, we certainly don't need anymore stress around here! Jackson has been a good egg lately, he worked for one of my co-workers last week raking leaves and made $40 for the day which he found impressive. He also got to use a leaf blower,sweet! That's a picture of his new hat for the summer, only Jackson could find a beach hat in Funeral Black with skulls around the brim!

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