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Friday, April 15, 2005

Darn It!

The house here is back on the market. Harry the RE agent called yesterday and the buyers changed thier minds and have backed out, so we're back to people trooping through the house and me hiding the zoo in my car. We already have people coming today and Saturday and Harry is escorting the entire Remax office through for a tour on Tuesday. I was very much looking foward to going back to living like the bunch of slobs we are but for now we are Martha Apprentices. David's still working on the deck for the Pain In The Ass, one of those charming clients that changes the plans all the way through and then A) complains it doesn't look how he thought it would and B) and more importantly, doesn't want to pay the agreed upon price. I think it usually has more to do with B than A. The changes usually slow down once the person realizes they have to pay every time, but still it's just one more little stressor in the works. David handles it much better than I do, I would just slap the crap out of them and let them finish it on thier own. I'm on the countdown at work now - can the days go any slower? We're also busy trying to keep Jackson focused on his school work so we can ix-nay out of here the second school ends. But it's been hard for him because as we get closer to the day we leave, the more his friends in WV call him. When we were out shopping yesterday his cell phone was constantly ringing and he was busy text messaging every 15 feet or so. I can see the swimming pool and pool table will be gettting a lot of use this summer at the new house!

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