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Thursday, April 7, 2005

I See Dead Things. It Must Be Spring

If you want to see what kind of wildlife they have here, you only have to look as far the as the side of the road. Dead beavers are on every corner, possums, racoons, skunks, you name it - we hit it. And I do mean everywhere you look too.Anyhow,, it finally got warm the other day, how strange was that. We went from rain mixed with snow right to 70 degrees and everyone in shorts. David is busy busy now - he's doing that deck job, finishing the house here and organizing the Wagon Train for June. We heard from the bank in WV yesterday and Gods willing and the creek don't rise, we'll be closing on the 12th of April. The new fly in the ointment is the septic system. In WV that's pretty much the one thing they like to see and the rule is the seller has to put X amount of dollars in escrow for 45 days in case it doesn't perk and then the money is used for an aeration system if it fails. The problem is someone has to be actively living in the house for those 45 days or they won't come and inspect it and the DO check to see if you're home. So we have the choice of either trusting the system will work or David will have to go live in the house by himself until June when we can join him. I also have to hand in my resignation to work and am trying to decide when . I don't want to wait too long like I did the last time but I also don't want to jinx this whole thing so I think I'll do as I planned and wait until David REALLY closes on the house - it's only 5 more days. That will put me mid-May so I can earn as many paychecks as I can before leaving. I had to do a special form because I didn't realize my WV nursing license had lapsed - I never got the renewal form for it so I didn't renew it. I woke up at 2:30am this morning in a full blown panic attack - there's so much to do and so little time to do it and so much that can go wrong!


gabreaelinfo said...

Congratulations for making the Editors Pick! My father use to be the Sup. Of Mines For Leckie Smokeless in WV in Greenbrier County outside of Lewisburg. Greenbrier County is very pretty. Are you close to that?


monponsett said...

I'd just move next to a 24 hour gas station with a clean bathroom.


dornbrau said...

At least your road-kill is little.  We have deer and elk out here, and they can really mess up a vehicle!

pixiedustnme said...

Congrats on your Editor's pick....My roadside find of the day was a deer - not quite the time of year for it, but nothing suprises me anymore!  Good luck with getting things ironed out in time for closing.