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Friday, October 5, 2007

And I Was Almost Home Free.....

......and then the phone rang, I have an admit to do tomorrow. Being on call is a bit nerve-wracking as it can go either way -there can be not a peep all weekend or it can turn into Drive-A-Thon since you have to cover all 250 square miles by yourself. Anyhoo, I ordered the corsage for Jackson today in my travels - he and Becky are attending the Morgantown Homecoming Dance again this year. Jackson was a bit bleary on what color her dress would be so I did red roses on a black and white background. If they have any complaints they can do it themselves or I'll wear the corsage while I clean the bathrooms this weekend. I did a flu shot clinic the other day, that really sucked. It was at the Waynesburg Shop & Save and there were a few things I had complaints about - first off the Pharmacy that is NOT part of Shop & Save was having thier own flu clinic next week. I knew this because there were big signs up all over and the overhead kept announcing it every half an hour. It would have been less of a problem if they hadn't been offering thier shots for $5 less than we were. Then they seated me near the freezer aisle which is a not so hot spot. Especially after 4 hours. Then of course there's the people element to the whole thing - I had several people come up just to let me know they'd already gotten thier flu shot. Two asked who was going to give it (given the fact I was wearing a NURSING UNIFORM I kind of thought this was a given.  I resisted the urge to start peeking under the table and peering down aisles..). I did end up giving about 16 shots since it's covered by Medicare part B - in my rather liberal spare time otherwise I caught up on paperwork (thank goodness I'd brought it along just in case I had a "spare" minute) and I did some people watching of course. There was a teenage couple shopping with a parent that were  making out so frantically I thought at one point he was just going to bend her over the frozen turkey section and have at it - there was a somewhat disgruntled elderly gentleman with Parkinson's shopping with his adult son trailing behind him discreetly as possible,  trying very hard not to interfer. And there seemed to be quite a few people that wanted to take advantage of the papertowels on sale behind me but were a bit leery of the nurse with the sharp instruments positioned in front of them. Over all it wasn't a bad gig.

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