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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Counting Down

Even though it's really only a four day weekend, I'm very much looking foward to some time off from work. The slowdown continues with the patients and work has gotten very rough - everyone is testy and mean - hiding from the boss has become an occupation with most of the staff. It's a bit disconcerting on my end - I actually LIKE my job but with this atmosphere of unrest it's a little hard to continue and not play into the office politics. So I could do with a little time away from the office, I'm playing around with asking for one more day off - that would still leave me with a full week of vacation time. Jackson is recovering from his illness, he still has a cough but was able to go to school yesterday and then spend the afternoon at Becky's. On Sunday due to the fact he couldn't move around too much he was forced to spend the afternoon watching TV with his mother. Much to his dismay  the documentary I've been waiting to see for two weeks happened to be on so he was forced to watch Love Me, Love My Doll on the BBC -

It was hilariously creepy - these men are obsessed with thier rubber life sized dolls - we figured out they cost about $6000!! The whole hour covered pretty much everything you would ever need to know about these dolls, Jackson spent most of the hour looking  somewhat distressed when he wasn't laughing his butt off. David is taking Pearline to the dogsitter today for one more "dry run" so she can play with others of her kind.  We have everything set for the weekend including someone to come and take care of the cats and so forth, I cannot wait.

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