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Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Reason To Exist

David is quite taken with the hunting around here - he and Pearl have gone for the past two days and have gotten one pheasant so far, much to David's great joy. As I stated previously, the hunting preserves are only a few miles from the house and since we've had bad weather David's been able to get a bit of hunting in between rain showers. The rain has been pretty steady for the past two days and the yard is uber- yucky as all the leaves have fallen so there's soggy leaves every where you look these days. Jackson and Becky are planning on hitting the Fright Farm again this year so hopefully the rain will hold off on the weekend. I'm on call Halloween weekend so they can't go then. The weather has finally started to cool, this time of year is a pain in the butt as the mornings start off fridgid and then by 1 o'clock you're rollling up your sleeves and pitching the sweater. We have the heat on this morning for pretty much the first time this year. I am STILL working on the shawl, I've got about 15 more rows to go, but it's dragging now as I get to the end. The rows are well over a thousand stitches so it's about an hour a row and I've been working on it for so long it seems it will never end. I might do a few christmas tree hats when I get done just so I can do something easy - and FAST. I ordered way too much yarn for the shawl and actually have enough to do a second one. The big question would be of course - do I want to do another one??

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