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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Great Expectations.

David was out training Pearl last night - on thier last walk through the woods she pinned the injured pheasant instead of retrieving it - David was not happy. So he was using the pheasant to practice with and Pearl did retrieve it until she decided she'd rather do something else and then wandered off. He started to get mad, but I pointed out Pearl had only been hunting for a couple of weeks and quite frankly as far as the fetching things goes - she doesn't always bring the rubber frog back either. We just don't make a major production since no one but Pearl is enchanted with a wet rubber frog anyhow and most days I would PREFER she not bring it back. So he broke out the Vienna Sausages and got 100% results after that - Pearl would sell her mother for a Vienna Sausage. The weather has been wet and rainy all week - the main reason David has been able to get so much pheasant hunting in - but is supposed to clear up in the coming days. They're going early this morning for a bit as Saturday is when everyone and his brother goes and it gets a bit crowded. As for me I had a student with me for a couple of days this week which was fun - she was about my age and NOT enchanted with home health, I guess it's not for everyone. She said she was not comfortable with going into people's homes like  that and was VERY uncomfortable with the pediatric aspects of it all, I never thought of that which would explain why it doesn't bother me. I think the driving freaked her out a bit too - what I consider fun and relaxing she thought was too much and not something she would not like to do. Oh well, to each his own I suppose.

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