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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We're Back!

David took Jackson to the doctor on Thursday as not only had his cough worsened, but he was sporting a pair of Candy Apple Red eyes. Jackson insisted he didn't want to, but I'm glad I made him seek Medical Attention as not only did he have bronchitis but Pink Eye too! We had planned on leaving early Friday but Jackson had a rough night and we needed to drop Pearl off at the dogsitter plus all of that last minute stuff that appears out of nowhere. We left about 10 and enjoyed the trip, stopping for a long lunch and arrived at my sister's house at 4. My mom drove down from LI for the night and that was really nice to have everyone together for a little while. She left around 11 the next morning and we took the boys to the King of Prussia mall. It is WAY too expensive to buy anything there but fun to windowshop and have lunch on the second floor overlooking the fountains. Adam had decided on an Irish pub/restaurant for his birthday dinner and because we had such a large party we had to Wait. According to the people I was with, I have inherited my Table Waiting Skills from my father Hank The Impatient who apparently also glares at the staff and glances at his watch frequently if made to wait any longer than 3 minutes. I personally think anything over 7 minutes is excessive and after  10 minutes I'm ready to find a different place to eat. But it was not my birthday was it so I did make an effort to keep the Sighing and Glaring to a minimum. The food I have to admit was wonderful and it was a good dinner. We went home for birthday cake after and Adam is now officially 24! The next day we didn't do much, went to the outlets and a fake Amish gift shop, I bought two little pieces of Shoofly pie because A) I am the only person who likes it and B) if I buy a whole pie I will EAT a whole pie and no one wants that kind of trouble.Diane made a big supper and then after thier friends the Copacs came over with thier dog Cooper and thier baby Corden both of whom are too cute. Both of the boys enjoyed playing with the baby - Cordon is about 1 and very funny of course. We left early Monday morning, me missing Adam already - he is doing better I think but has a long way to go. It hasn't been an easy transition for him and has been a struggle but I think he's starting to get his head above water - it's just going to take time. We got home about noon and went to pick up Miss Pants at 3pm - she was beside herself with Joy and Hysteria, she lost a little weight but we expected that as Vizslas tend to pine when separated from thier families. I think we're all glad to be home.

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