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Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Stew Of The Season....

.....even though it's EIGHTY FREAKING DEGREES OUT. Arrgh! Will Fall ever come and stay? This weekend has been an up and down sort of thing - first of all since we asked Pool People #2 to close the pool after waiting forever and a day, at 4 O'Clock on Saturday Poolpeople #1 showed up ready to roll. Terry apologized and said they should've told us that if we called at the end of September there would be 80 pools ahead of ours - of course Poolpeople #2 don't have an answering machine so we can't leave them a message. Part of me wanted to tell Poolperson #1 that we had someone else to do it, but you know A Bird In The Hand and all - I just wanted SOMEONE to close the thing as I've been scooping out bushels of leaves a couple of times daily. David attempted to hunt today, but when he got there there were no other hunters - turns out there's no hunting on Sunday in PA. He had called when he got there and I had the reg book, but couldn't fine anything saying you couldn't. After he hung up I DID find the rule (page 22, 1st column, 2 sentences buried on the bottom) and couldn't get ahold of him. So I got in my car and drove over so he wouldn't get fined or worse lose his spanky new license. Jackson called me when I got home to let me know David was home. David called me then too to let me know his phone had glitched and he'd been unable to answer it, but a guy saw him get out of his truck with the dog and told him there was no hunting on Sunday so he just left. He was a bit disappointed, bu it's not a big deal, he's going to shoot some trap with Cecil this afternoon and will most likely sneak off at some point in the week with Pearl The Mighty Hunting Dog for a big adventure. I haven't really done much this weekend except lay about and so forth. I'm really waiting for it to cool off - I just don't feel like moving around until then. Pearl and I go out in the yard, but it's just too hot! And since all of my summer clothes are packed away I have nothing but long sleeves and pants.

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