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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lost In Space

ARRGH -  I HATE getting lost, don't you? This morning started off so well - I thought I had clear directions that I  did not. I had a lot of driving to do today on top of all that,so it made it very stressful. I headed off for the town and followed the directions I was given. The first problem was the road I was on turned into another road (which was not noted) and I could find no sign for 218. So I headed back the 10 miles after talking to some construction workers who pointed me in another direction (one of the guys had a girlfriend that lived in that town) but the 218 I was heading down I know  will take you into Spraggs. Hmm. SO, I went back to the post office and found that 218 has a north and south and I was headed down the wrong path. Oh and just in case you're ever driving down Jakes Run - there is no sign for 218, apparently you're just supposed to know where it is.  I arrived at the patient's house 50 miles later with all the driving back and forth I did and an hour late to boot.  Then I was off to the other end of WV for a regular patient and then to Fairmont to the lab. THEN I had to head off to Pennsylvania, about another 50 miles down the road. The patient had a problem with his access which necessitated him going back to the hospital (with me in tow) to fix the problem and then back to his house for the actual visit. I had another patient I was supposed to see but Susan found someone else to see that one - that goodness because that patient would have been treated to Crabbypants the Nurse and who knows what would have happened then. David has been working on the house steady - he is done residing the entire thing and is going to start the inside at some point. He picked up a siding job too but has to wait for the siding to be ordered so he has a bit of time. I'm still working on the Shawl That Will Never End, I still have about 40 rounds to go, they take forever!!

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