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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reality Sucks.

I have to admit, I started my day with a knot in my stomach and no song in my heart. Sometimes when you get to take a few days off it re-energizes you and makes your job all shiny and new. For the rest of us however it reminds us how bad things have gotten and it's like going back to prison after weekend furlough. I do hate it, the worst is I REALLY like my job, I really do! I enjoy the patients, the variations of treatment and patients, the driving - when I apply for another job it will be the same kind but a different place. My favorite back to work discovery was a co-worker had been running her mouth again about my making trouble with a patient to the boss - until someone else reminded her I wasn't even in town and she should try to get her story straight before she went tattling down the hall!! I don't get into that nonsense, it just turns into a finger pointing event but it does hurt my feelings. I have no problem with this individual and even get along with her, so I have no idea what's going on - and I really don't want to know or care. eek. I was glad this morning to get straight on the road and stay there and I'll be doing that for the rest of the week hopefully. Jackson is feeling much better, he's down to the occasional cough and sniffle with no pink eyes in sight. David is almost done sheetrocking the basement and has started spackling, he's also going to be building a porch for clients at some point this week. I am getting ahead of myself by getting my winter clothes all out and my summer clothes all put away - and it's not even January yet!

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