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Sunday, October 28, 2007

How Quickly Things Change

I was all set to have a relaxing weekend - things have lately, been pretty quiet and strangely enough going well. Jackson took the car for the day so David and I decided to head out for Clarksburg. Right before we left the phone rang - it was from a previous job that had not ended badly, but hadn't ended well is the best way I can put it. They had a leak in the roof which happens - but the guy was somewhat threatening which was odd, since David hadn't refused to do it or anything. But we certainly weren't going to go running over there either so he'll have to deal with it. Then on the way down the road my cell phone rang and it was another country not heard from - they wanted David to come look at a roof too. David called them back while I made pictures at CVS and then off we went to Clarksburg. I got some great deals at AC Moore's and David got Pearl a hunting vest - since there are a number of guys that use the game preserves he wants to make sure no one shoots her by accident. And she looks very spiffy in it in case you're wondering, she doesn't like it but I think she would like getting shot less so she wears it. Anyhow, just as we were getting home my cell phone rang AGAIN and it was Susan - the nurse that was oncall this weekend had broken her leg jumping out of her husband's pickup truck and was onroute to the hospital via ambulance and there was a Bridgeport patient that needed to be seen, not to mention the Sunday visits. Jackson had my car so I couldn't help Saturday but I'll be doing the two today as someone has to do it. Of course this will change the oncall schedule too, we went from once every 5 weeks, to every 4 weeks and now it'll be every 3 weeks. Why do I feel like pretty soon we'll be back to every other week again??

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