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Saturday, October 20, 2007

AOL Makes Me Crazy

I am seriously thinking about just ditching the AOL - the only thing that stops me is the blog of course and the fact that I've had this screen name for years and the idea of having to change it and tell everyone, etc is just too annoying. The latest problem with it is everytime I go to log in my password comes up invalid and then I have to change it. The weird thing is if I sign in under David's screen his works - and mine is the master screen name so that makes even less sense. After I log off today I'm going to run the Norton as I've already reinstalled the AOL without any sucess. Not much going on today, the weather has cooled a bit more and the leaves are all falling straight into my pool. We finally found another pool company and they will be closing the pool finally next week. I'm pretty beaned at Mick - if he couldn't do it he could have at least called and let us know instead of leaving us hanging as we head into November. Jackson is staying over Becky's house tonight which is apparently ok with Becky's parents. He's going to be 18 in a couple of months so I'm sort of Whatever about the whole thing. This morning I took David on a tour of the State Game Lands of Pennsylvania, he got his hunting license for Pa as the preserves are actually closer to us than WV's are. It's about 7 miles from our house and there's over 8,000 acres set aside for hunting. He's going to wait until it calms down, today was opening day and it was a sea of orange vests and pickup trucks. Pearl will be going with him - they've been practicing in the yard with doves -in WV no one seems to have a problem with you discharging firearms in the backyard. The neighbor has a tree stand in our yard for the deer also, so I'm guessing it's not against any rules or something. I hope!

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boiseladie said...

Hello... just found a link to your journal on another journal I read, and thought I'd come check out your photos.  Your photos are beautiful, love them!  

About AOL...  I felt the very same when I had my journal on AOL, there was always something going on with AOL.  Then, I have had my screenname/email FOREVER...  But with AOL going FREE, you can keep your AOL email, but there are other free journal/blog sponsors out there... I went from AOL to Blogspot, and I really like it...  it's easy to use, photos are never a problem to upload.  I know I'm a total stranger, but check out my blog, maybe you'll want to create your own blogspot?