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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Days Are A Little Better.

Our visit with Ray was a welcome relief despite my having to work. He finally got a digital camera - he's been flirting with the idea for a couple of months but was hanging onto his Nikon which had about one hundred different parts and weighed about 30 pounds. He got a sooped up Canon with all the bells and whistles and has been having a ball with it. The next time he comes out I'll try to make sure we go somewhere photographic. But he managed to amuse himself by taking pictures of the flowers, old buildings and clouds around the yard. Work was a tiny bit better, I think with everyone back from vacation and my boss appointing someone to help me out the week should be better. I'm taking off half a day and will get my oil changed and stuff. Not too sure what will happen this weekend as it's a holiday and I don't know if any of the staff will volunteer. If not it's time and a half so I don't want to do it, but at least it will pay well. But all the hard work has paid off as my salary has been increased and I got a bonus too!! I was out in Milford yesterday so I celebrated by going to  the yarn shop and buying some pretty swanky yarn. It's nice to be appreciated. David has been busy too,  he is enjoying being an armed guard and has been getting to know his co-workers. Not much else going on, we heard from Jackson - he was assigned to driving the van and was pretty nervous about it, he hasn't driven since he joined the navy and having to ferry passengers around in unfamiliar territory was a bit scary. He did well except he banged the bumper and put a wee little dent in it, but other than that it went well. He should be in WV by tomorrow and will be there for about a week or so, then back to Mississippi and then around September should be shipping out. Adam continues to sail around too. 

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