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Sunday, September 27, 2009

BushKill Falls

Liz arrived yesterday morning - she got jammed up in NYC around the Throgs Neck. I could sympathize because I too have spent a bit of Jamming Time in front of the Throgs Neck. That would be where David threatened to put me out of the truck if I didn't stop kicking his dashboard and sighing. Anyhoo after bolstering her up with a little coffee off we went to the falls. We had some Good Humor Ice Cream for breakfast and and quite enjoyed the no vitamins and minerals of it all. Now, when we went with Ray I did the short tour of only one or two falls - this time Liz and I did the full tour which includes I think all 7 of the falls. It's also about two or three hours of hiking some pretty rough terrain, a lot of the paths are actually washouts filled with rocks and tree roots, it's constant up and down. Needless to say we got our ten dollars worth. After that we did a few little stores and stuff, we did stop at the outlets but it was so late in the afternoon it just wasn't fun because it gets so crowded. I also gave her the Grand Tour of the Cat Pee House, she didn't like the kitchen at all but could see what we see - the potential of that house is amazing. We also stopped at the Country Kettle and got some Licorice All Sorts and ate that on the way home. The 3 of us went out to the Chinese buffet (after a bottle of wine) and then home to watch TV. I broke out a loaf of sourdough bread this morning and we sat around eating french toast, drinking coffee and yakking up a storm. The RE called and we had a couple of unexpected lookie-loos so David went Driving with Miss Pants and Liz and I hit the local farm stands. We bought bags and bags of apples (the apples around here are stellar and I can eat bushels of them) - the place we frequent has these huge apple bins and you just take your basket and get what ever you want. We also got cider doughnuts too. Did you notice I'm eating like I'm in a contest? It's stress eating of course and I'm wallowing in it as I have a lot of excuses this week. We close on the Cat Pee house tomorrow, I have work and then it's straight from one office to the next and then up to State College for an all day conference then back to Pittson to pick up my car, back home and then back to work the next day. We have other things running in the background, jockeying for position on the current Hit Parade of Issues, I just keep eating and knitting - like bad tuna, it will pass.

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