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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stops And Starts

We've pretty much come to the conclusions we will end up as landlords if the Cat Pee House goes through - due to the economy we were not approved for enough money - which I thought was super stupid - why would you approve someone for not enough to buy the house, what's the point? But we resubmitted a recent pay stub from my job(David had accidentally sent in the old one from my first job here) and we'll see what they say on Monday. The thing is if we rent the house here it will be considered income which will help with the loan and given the fact things are simply not selling we cannot afford to have it sit empty for months while we make payments. I am currently a bit miserable, Ray didn't come out due to the fact we've had rain all weekend, I'm getting over my Annual End Of The Year Poison Ivy and when I went to the dentist on Friday for a filling I ended up with a root canal instead after he looked at the X ray more closely and then did another one. I refused the Tylenol #3, I'm not good with medications as I seem to get any side effect mentioned so if I can do without, I do. I also refused the antibiotic as it's silly to take one for an infection you might get - if I get an infection I'll deal with it then. The weekend was not a total loss, I went to Mountain Knit and Pearls as they were having a great sale and got some boffo yarn for 60% off, I had a bunch of coupons for Borders and got the latest Sister Hazel CD. I watched 300 last night while I restarted the shawl. Somewhere, somehow my count was WAY off - instead of a Feather and Fan pattern it was a Free For All - interesting but as each round increased it just became worse. I resisted frogging it as I was at round 57 and 360 stitches, but if it's not working, it's not working. Not to mention at $14 a skein I would prefer it to look like something other than a hot mess. My work phone rang and rang for awhile last night, I was trying to be nice even though I had been up half the night with the aforementioned root canal - the extra strength Tylenol does work but only til 2 or 3 am, then I'm sent darting to the medicine cabinet. I'm having a crown done on the 19th, then it's just 2 small cavities and I'm done for now. The rain continues today but we have to do the weekly grocery shopping and then Monday we should know what's going on with the Cat Pee House. I think if this doesn't work out I will go straight to Missouri, to the side of the lake, little cabin, big yard, small boat.

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