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Friday, September 4, 2009

La Weekend.

Well, the Fannie Mae house returned fire with a counter bid of Higher Than I Want To Pay. They're also hinting there is someone lurking in the background with their beady little eyes focused on The Cat Pee House. But David and I have gone over the numbers and for it to be financially a plus, we cannot go much higher. The amount of work to rehab it is mind boggling and even with David doing the bulk of it, it will still be a near thing. But as I keep saying (mostly to myself) there are more houses out there. Work today was a bum's rush, with the shortened work week next week trying to get all the patients scheduled and then we found a problem which I will not go into but it will be rolling into next week big time. But I'm glad Monday is a holiday, aren't you? We're going to Milford tomorrow to doodle around a bit - that should be fun. Pearl is not going, she will be guarding the house in her usual style which is safely, from under the bed.

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