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Friday, September 18, 2009

How It's Going.

Well, my co-worker remains at the home office,today they couldn't send me anyone so I was running the show solo. It's actually not that bad except for the phone as there are Four Lines, One Human and I do occasionally make a quick jaunt to the Powder Room. I've discovered any attempt at visiting the Ladies Room causes some secret sensor to be tripped and all four lines will start ringing at once. I will have my rotation of co-workers again next week and it is a pleasant thing - they enjoy the change of scenery (people volunteer to come out east) and I of course get company. Speaking of company Ray is coming out tomorrow which is getting a bit complicated They can amuse themselves while I go to my dental appointment BUT the RE called and there are 2 appointments to show the house. This is a problem as I am NOT tarting around with Miss Pants in a truck for 3 hours . So we called Dog Prison and she will be there for most of the day rattling her tin cup on the bars and sharpening her shiv that she made out of dental floss and a plastic spork (it's a spoon! It's a Fork! Its a Spork!). That way we can have time to do stuff. I got off of work an hour early because I went in an hour early so I could get to the bank to sign my life away. David had accidentally sent in a very old pay stub and when he sent a current one the bank no longer had any issues and ponied up the full amount. So we have one more week to go and we will be floating around on a little Cat Pee Cloud, gloating over all the Free Frogs we will be getting! The shawl continues well, I was a bit put out having to frog the whole business but I'm glad I did as the do over looks 100% better. I hope the Cat Pee House works out because I'll be able to join the knitting group up there, the lady at the shop invites me every time she sees me and it makes me a bit sad that I can't go - well, I guess I could but I travel so much at this point every activity is just another hour out of my life. My diet is my diet, I've lost and gained the same pounds for the past two weeks, but I'm OK with that. I DO prefer to have my cake - and eat it too!

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