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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Step Closer

The real estate called yesterday to let us know our bid had been accepted for the Cat Pee House so we are currently overwhelmed with the delightful glow of Home Ownership - in overdrive. We actually have someone to come look at this house today but in the event it doesn't sell by the end of the month it is very rentable. Now David is scrambling to get the inspections done, the paperwork pushed through and of course there is the monumental task of shifting us from Here to There. The house there will be done in the bare livable - carpets will be removed (and the floor), anything residing there will have to pack it's tiny bags and go. Although the nice thing is I didn't see any activity of insects or rodents so that will be a step up from our usual. When we moved back to WV the last time I clearly remember turning out the lights and the entire household of animals and I huddled in the bed - I think even the cats were afraid the mice would cart us off and there were a few incidents with roaches and other such vermin that would have sent most people screaming for the hills. But we are brave, aren't we? So hopefully everything will go full steam ahead and we will off on yet another adventure

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