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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday. It Happens.

Well, I made it to the bank again this morning, this time to get the Power Of Attorney signed over to David so he can be me for the closing. I was myself for the last closing, but I think the one before that the attorney was me and Harry our friend the RE agent has also gotten the chance to be me a couple of times I believe. I also did my weekly weigh in this morning, I'm still 143 and will take that for now - at least I'm not gaining it. Pearl went to Dog Jail today at 9, Ray arrived at 9:30 and I took off around 10 to do errands and get my temporary crown. The manager was off at the dentist and they have a new girl who did the numbers and took a check for $71 - I asked her if she was sure about that and she was. The dentist came out and was not sure about that and since my insurance has not pre-authed yet needed the full amount and I get most of it back later so the next check was for over $700. THEN they started some other nonsense and I told them both there would be only ONE more check if any so they'd better be careful. I've had crowns done before so I know how much they cost but this was just getting silly and I was not planning on standing there all day while they made phone calls and calculations - I mean I have to come back for the crown itself so there's little danger of my not ponying up. We finally got down to business and I have my temporary. After I got back and David had sprung Pearl from the Big House we headed out to the Mexican restaurant for cerveza and fajitas. After the bookstore and then grocery shopping and quite naturally we forgot at least 3 things. But Ray enjoyed it as he likes the traditional outing to Wegmans where he can find his hard to find items. Not sure what we're doing tomorrow, something fun I should think.

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