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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Work And Knitting

Yesterday I finally rounded up (most) of the staff for my bi-monthly meeting - it's harder to do than you think it is, even when you tell them repeatedly when and where and they mark it on their calendars AND they are getting paid for it. But I was a little taken aback by the fact there were only two empty seats in the conference room and that's only because two couldn't make it. We stuttered and started for awhile but this afternoon Mike and I finally got ALL the charts in the drawer and before he left he mentioned the top drawer is almost full - and it is! AND I got another present last week - I got a Vera Bradley Miller bag which is uber-expensive and very pretty. It will of course be housing the next knitting project, well, the one after that because I think I'll be doing another pair of socks. Socks are fun to knit because they're fast, easy and everyone likes them. I actually have a tiny sock bag so I don't have to haul around the bigger ones. At the moment I'm quite stuck on my Lantern Moon black straw bag - it's the perfect size for totting it about and it's actually hosted the last couple of projects. I have bags in every shape and size, One that's big enough to hold an afghan in progress and then of course the suede Options ones I LOVE - they have a place for everything! I have one that's solely devoted to keeping all my sock needles straight and all the stuff that goes with it. One of the addictive things about knitting isn't just the yarn, it's all the fofaru that goes along with it. The stitch markers, yarn cutters, size gauge, row counters, measuring tapes - all in a host of mind boggling shapes and sizes. I have tape measures in the shape of flowers, sheep, leaves, round square, cloth, knitted. I feel like ordering something if you'll excuse me.............

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