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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Tale Of The Lost Coat

Well, anyone that knows me knows about The Coat. The coat is a full length leather coat with a fox fur collar and cuffs that you can take off. It cost a lot of money and it's not that old. When we arrived on the sunny shores of Pennsylvania Where All Your Dreams Come True - it was missing. Gone. We proceeded to take the house apart, searched all the boxes, called poor Stephanie in WV and made HER look. David called Goodwill, went on the Internet - nothing. I determined that he had accidentally given it away and would have to live with that the rest of his life. David redoubled his efforts, nothing. I have occasionally revisited that moment throughout the year which David doesn't enjoy one bit. And then last night I was wondering where a certain CD was - so up to the attic I went. I dug and dug through boxes and the one with my stereo in it I noticed a black cloth bag. Hmm. I pulled - and there was the coat. Still in it's storage bag, a bit wrinkled but none the worse for wear. Of course now I have to live with the Gloating from The Wrongly Accused. I even found that silly mink stole Grandma gave eons ago that just sort of hangs around the house from closet to closet. I keep that in a bag because I know if I accidentally touched it I would maybe scream a little. It's in rather hilariously good condition but no one will wear it again I suppose. So I have my coat back which I'm happy about despite having to hear repeatedly about how I was Wrong. In other news we set another billing record at work, I sure we'll eventually level off but for now Whoo Hoo on that subject. My shawl continues to come along nicely and we are still waiting to hear from the bank about the loan we applied for. The people that looked at our house just looked, so if we have to be landlords I guess we can give that a go until the market picks up. All in all a successful week so far.

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