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Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Been A Year.

A full year has passed since Jackson joined the navy and we moved. . David and I went to Milford yesterday an we got on that subject - it feels likes it been 3 or 4 though. What a huge lot of changes we've been through! Our last child graduated - and left. We sold our West Virginia house in the bustling metropolis of Maidsville (population 10 if you included the cows next door!)and moved back to Where The New Yorkers Are. Our house shrank to half it's size, our yard to a sixth and Pearl The Wonderdog and I became landlocked. I gave up my job as a visit nurse due to circumstances beyond my control (and no, I didn't see that one coming, thank you for asking) and accidentally, became the boss. David still struggles with career changes, it's been a hard year for him also - we have a field dog and no fields anymore. Things have cheerfully careened out of control all year and we are finally at the point of taking a deep breath and looking around. It's not all bad of course - Jackson is planning on marrying his Becky, out of all the things good about WV she is one of the best. The job I didn't think I would get and surprisingly did has been a struggle and a challenge at times, but is something I am proud of doing . Not to mention the bigger paycheck. The house is comfortable and we are actively looking for one in Stroudsburg, I think if we can swing that things would be a bit easier on me. As it is now I drive about 2 hours a day to and from work, the bad weather in the winter will make that longer. And of course there is the LYS to consider. I went to Jill Deal's in Milford yesterday and got hand dyed lace weight cotton yarn in a beautiful bronze color, it's already skeined and ready to go. It was on sale for 20% off - David asked if that meant it was cheap, but as we all know, cheap is a relative thing. Jill Deal's is to AC Moores as a Honda is to a Hummer. So it was Cheaper. I had actually wanted to go to the restaurant there but we had to put that off to another weekend as I had forgotten about Memorial Day traffic - it's as bad as LI if not worse at times. It was only 11 am and town was packed already so we skedaddled and had a late breakfast at a little place on Lake Wallenpaupack. And that leads us to the next thing - do you realize this is the first summer EVER in my entire life, I didn't swim once? Not once. My bathing suit has spent the summer in the corner of my sock drawer collecting dust and will soon be on it's way to the attic for the winter. As far as what I want - I honestly don't know. I'm truely on the fence about this one. After a year I still don't like it here, there's really no one I want to be friends with and even if I did, I certainly don't have the time. The area just makes me sad - downtown Stroudsburg is broken and dirty. But I made a commitment to this job and quite honestly we can't keep moving back and forth. I told David I have two more moves left - after that I stay where I land and I most likely will land just past Springfield , Missouri on the side of Tablerock Lake. Pack a lunch.

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