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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Made It Through The Audit

What a rough couple of days - since it was the office's first audit it's considered a mock. We did middle of the road I suppose - there is tons of room for improvement but as my boss says, everyone needs a starting point and this is mine. My decision now - is do I want to continue? I'm not sure I'm cut out for the high stress or the endless time this job requires. I miss being on the road and seeing the patients, not being responsible for everything. On the other hand this has been a month of all sorts of events - and I've learned in the past not to make major decisions while everything is in high gear. That you need to wait until the dust clears and you have time to make a clear headed decision. So I will wait. And there are plenty of good things about this job - I finally got a good boss, I like my coworkers, and when I'm not being stressed to death it's a fun challenge. So right now I'm keeping my foot to the pedal and cruising along, just doing what I have to do.

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