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Friday, February 12, 2010

In The Salt Mines

It has been an uphill battle lately, hasn't it? Piloniodal cysts, audit, piles of snow, crazy patients, disappearing (and reappearing) staff, too much work, birthday cards out(almost!) on time, not enough sleep, not enough coffee - the things your life is made of. But it's not all bad, and better yet - it does end. The audit is Monday, ready or not - I was glad on one hand for the extra time but a bit distraught for the same reason. I am at the point the stress is breaking and I just wanted it to be over - good or bad. Exalt me, kick me, just do it and go. David is doing well, the antibiotics are kicking in big time and today he had his last follow up visit, no more wound packing as the MD feels it will close up on its own, which it's doing at record speed. When he's done with the antibiotics he has another follow up to consult if they need to do anything further - apparently once you've had one, you are at risk to get another one. I am working through yet another weekend - next weekend I'm hoping to have at least one day to myself - it's funny how when you have no time, you very much start to appreciate any little time you do get. I look forward to an extra half in hour in bed or an hour after dinner to knit. I'm still working on the shawl, I have about 50 rounds to go but not sure if I'll do all of them . The yarn is a bit thicker than the pattern calls for and I don't want it this side of gigantic. And I have the yarn for my next project that will be a sweater. I know what I want to make I just need to find a pattern to fit the plan. Sort of like my life, don't you think?

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