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Friday, February 19, 2010


I don't know what it is about this time of year, this is usually when David and I start our Annual Evaluation Of Things In General and mull over our next move. Would we be happier somewhere else? Should we stick it out here? We have come to the conclusion it is not a bad thing to be buying and selling houses, up until the Lake Ariel house things were ok, we make a profit on all these houses and even though I swear I will never move again - there is something about a new house, at least new to us. NO, there are no plans at the moment one way or the other - part of it truly is this job. We moved here so we could see friends and family, so we could do stuff. But with all the hours I have to put in, I barely have time to sleep at this time, let alone see anyone or join anything. I'm actually not complaining, more thinking out loud. The other issue is that since we're short a nurse at work I've had to go out and start doing patients again - and I do enjoy it. I love the driving, being outside, seeing people. I've been giving the Two AM Girl plenty to discuss with me - she appears now on a nightly basis and I am beginning to fade. This will all pass, I just wish it would pass a little faster.

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Donna said...

Here's hoping you can find a little bit of down time.