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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My. How Interesting.

It just gets crazier as the days roll on. David had been to the doctor for his pilonoidal cyst - they were treating it with antibiotics. He went back and they changed the antibiotics but that was all - the doctor told him to be patient, but patience is not always a good thing. When I looked at it yesterday it was more swollen, he had +3 pitting edema around the site, I won't go into more detail but it had ranged into the Scary Levels. I called my office on my way to a patient's house for the surgeon's number - I've coordinated care with the nurse there so we've spoken a few times. They went and got her and I described what it looked like - she gave me an appointment for noon as she too thought he needed to be seen right away. The surgeon's exam took approximately 2 seconds and they did an I & D 10 minutes later - not only was it abcessed (the surgeon could stick his entire finger down the tunnel) but the culture came back positive for MRSA so David is also on antibiotics for a month. I'm grateful to the nurse for getting us in so quickly, I hate to think of what would have happened if David had waited for his Monday appointment. So he's hurting but mending - and of course my office is still being audited on Thursday, we're getting pounded with patients, so until next week I continue to run and run - but it will end and life will go on. We're currently watching Bad Day At Black Rock and so far the expected snow has not fallen, I'm enjoying a little quiet time.

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