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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stop Flashing Me

I know I've written about this before - those absolute morons that insist on putting on their emergency flashers the second it starts raining or snowing. I have no idea why it annoys me so much - but it does. I can see it's snowing, we are ALL going 19 miles an hour,you have taillights so I can see you quite well, it is NOT an emergency. The throwback that was doing it last night on the way home was two cars ahead of me and I had to laugh because the person behind him was tailgating in retaliation - I actually thought the Flasher should get smacked, but that might be a chargeable thing. Tailgating is free. And then when I turned down my road which is a back road, there came someone the other way, not another car in sight - with their emergency flashers on - sometimes you can't fix stupid. Anyhow, speaking of driving - I realized the other day I can't get gas. The reason is my ATM card was cancelled due to somewhere I used it was compromised so the idea is they would cancel my card and issue a new one. They did indeed cancel my card, as to where the new one is any one's guess. It's funny how 10 years ago no one had an ATM card, now the idea of having to buy my gas with cash becomes a pain. Which it is - I have to run about the gas station doing this and that, you would think it's going to take hours the way I'm going on. I suppose I'll have to bite the bullet today and do it - or take up walking.

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