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Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm not posting any snow pictures today - its that time of the year when every one is ENOUGH ALREADY. We didn't get as much as predicted ,but it was more than enough to be annoying. Last night the wind was whipping so we filled the tub halfway - we had containers at the last house "just in case" so eventually we will get a couple for this house. The big problem with a well is if the electric goes out you have no water. We've occasionally talked about buying a generator but it doesn't go out enough to support that expense. Of course if the electric ever does go out for an extended time I'm sure we'll revisit that decision with regret. I've been a bit better, the audit being over of course helps, there are things that still need fixing and I'm working on it, but I don't feel so under the gun. These are old pictures of the shawl - I've got about 30 more rows to go on it but there's no point in taking a picture as it's all balled up on the needles. I had last weekend off for real (!!) - and I started reading a Debbie Macomber book - anyone that knows me will know that is TOTALLY out of character for me(most of my recreational reading involves aliens, dragons or zombies). But if you're stressed, these books are the best. They're simply about people living in this town - all of their problems get solved, everyone gets a hug, they're soothing and calming. So I watch old movies, read my books and do a little knitting and everything kind gets back into perspective for me - at least for awhile.

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Donna said...

If our electricity starts acting like it's about to go out, we fill some buckets with water and set them in the bathtub for flushing.