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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Candy For Breakfast

Happy Valentine's Day - we're celebrating quietly as I am working again this weekend and then will do something next weekend. I think when you get older you get a bit more mobile about these things, that it becomes less about the day and more about the intent. We're always Valentines but on the 14th there's candy involved. Whoo Hoo. I did about 9 hours yesterday and will back again today mucking through the charts, I'm so tired. The snow continues to stay, but we're officially halfway through February and I think everyone can feel spring just around the corner. David took my car to be inspected yesterday and serviced - it didn't need the inspection and the mechanic said it was a great car. It has been a bit of getting used to - it just didn't feel like "my" car but over the past few weeks I've gotten more used to it - and really enjoy it. It has all sorts of features - seat warmers, side window defrosters, electric sun roof, what fun! I need to get it washed but in this cold weather I'm afraid the doors will freeze shut. David continues to improve and over the past couple of days has been getting back to his normal self. We did the shopping yesterday afternoon and he made it 2/3 of the way through, the last store he had to sit in the car as his back and hips started aching again. But it's much better and he still has 3 weeks of antibiotics to go. I got some more done on the shawl - I most likely will be ending it early, if I do the full 40 or 50 rows left it will be big enough to cover the dining room table. I think it's the gauge of the yarn - it doesn't really matter as it's a repeating pattern so you won't be able to tell.

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