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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time To Pack It In.

The interesting thing about David's cyst is it was not a simple lancing - it was an I & D which means of course it needs to be packed - twice a day. Now, I do remember my original contract covered For Better For Worse, For Richer or Poorer, Good Times and Bad, nothing about packing a wound. But I like him so I do it. The interesting thing is when it's someone you know it is very different - you can use Two Words all you want (Stop It. Be Quiet. Excuse Me!) - but it is little weird on both sides. David said it's a very odd feeling and I'm sure it is - it's almost 6 centimeters deep and I can get almost an entire 4 x 4 in it. The surgeon has me packing it with betadine, I'm guessing because it was so badly infected. David on the whole though is much better - it's amazing what the correct treatment and the right antibiotics can do - the swelling's almost completely gone, the drainage is no longer infected - even his sinuses have cleared up. Now I have to get through the audit - I worked all weekend, dredging through chart after chart, I'll ride it out and do better next time. I have a full time nurse I've hired and have my fingers crossed - if we have someone full time it will be so much easier - part of the problem I think is my time is so divided.

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