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Monday, November 22, 2010

At Loose Ends

 Yes I finished it - I keep saying I finally finished it but really it didn't take that long, did it?  It was a fun shawl to knit, hard enough to be interesting but easy enough to watch TV. So now I am Project-Less. I am not Yarn-Less. Or Pattern-Less, just a bit Idea-Less. I still have to fix the socks I knit for traveling, they're taking too long. And of course I left off the second sock halfway (??) through the heel, maybe not - all I know is I ended up ripping it all out because I had a 1/3 less stitches than I should have. Not a biggie, but frogging a project is always a bit of a pain, ripping it back and then trying to pick up the live stitches without losing any. But while I finish the socks I'll think of what I want to do next - it might be another shawl but knitted in the round instead of back and forth. I have my DVD player going - finally! - I have been without since we got direct TV as it's not a simple procedure, it involves Secret Codes and a bit of Voodoo I think. I did what is easiest, begged and pleaded with David until he did it. He did it but was very churlish about the whole experience but he did it even though he does not care about the DVD.  I'm currently watching Coraline - I love Tim Burton, don't you? We're getting the house ready for guests, the cesspool is being pumped on Wednesday - that's a good hosting thing to do, isn't it? Actually the reason we're having it done is because we've lived here for a year now (actually a year and 5 days but who's counting?) but since there's no way for us to know when it was pumped last we figured we do it before the snow flies. And I think it will be flying soon - don't you?


Donna said...

That, my dear, is an absolute work of art!

Sinéad said...

Absolutely gorgeous!