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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hotel Girl

Yes, that's a picture from yesterday but I didn't take any today. When you go to a conference there's not much to take a picture of . I have to say I wasn't impressed with my lodging in Delaware - they were OK, but not great. And it's probably the only hotel that DIDN'T have a complimentary continental breakfast - I know that now after  a $15 mistake. I was up early as usual and I knew they were having a breakfast at the conference so I went down for a little coffee and fruit. I had a little scrambled eggs too, I didn't finish them because they were luk-ie warm and a tiny bit rubbery. And while I was there some sneaky old lady asked me if I'd like more coffee and left a bill on the table  For FIFTEEN DOLLARS. Where on earth have you eaten lately that one breakfast could cost that much?? It's exactly what I said about eating in the hotel - 80% chance of being overpriced and 75% chance of being something you wouldn't eat on a bet. That aside the conference was great and I met some people to boot. I hate to eat alone as we discussed yesterday but I have no problem with pulling up a chair and plunking down - there was a table of us that had come alone and it was fun since we were from all over. I sat with a field nurse from Bayada, two NICU nurses from AI Dupont Hospital, an 80 year old retired nurse who had once done private duty for the Dupont family and was a red cross nurse - it was an interesting lunch. We got out around 3:45 and I immediately got stuck in traffic. Whoo. Hoo. It broke up after the bridge - don't you LOVE construction during rush hour?? - and I got off at the first truck stop I saw. I got gas and a veggie burger at Burger King, not my first choice of Things I Like To Eat but after yesterday's search and rescue for dinner I figured a burger in the hand is worth tofu in the wok. I try. Well, it was sort of funny. Was too. Shut up. I got here around 6 and had them use my Chase card just to see - I was telling the girls behind the check in counter what happened and they looked at each other and one said "It's a Chase card, isn't it?" - apparently I'm not the only one that's had that experience - it was still saying pending but since it's only to hold the room no one seemed to care much. My room is nice but smells slightly of smoke - but I don't care. Two full days of conferences in two different states is a bit much so I'll take what I can get.

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