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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Home Again

It's good to be home - the ride back was horrible of course. The only issue I have with most conferences is they tend to be held near major cities and they ALWAYS let out at rush hour. And since Mount Laurel is right next to Philly you can imagine the mess. I tried to avoid the highway but that turned out to be a forced march - I knew it was getting dark, the traffic was heavy and the GPS wasn't exactly glitching but I think the roads are so close together it will tell you to turn on one road but it actually means one or two roads over. So after doing a brief tour of Sort Of Scary Neighborhoods I headed back to the highway and unfortunately hadn't wasted enough time to avoid rush hour. So I stopped and goed, mainly stopped. It was getting too dark to play with my hand held Scrabble game I keep for such emergencies and my new yarn and books were in the suitcase so I couldn't admire that and the sock I keep in the car is at the heel which takes stitch counting so all my usual traffic activities were halted. So I did what I do best which is sit and fume. David called a couple of times but then thought the better of it since he  was getting blamed for the traffic and there is so much ranting one can listen to. After doing a slow crawl it finally picked up - and then stopped. This was repeated at every exit, every town. Then it really picked up - and then I hit construction on 33 in which they have about 5 miles of it blocked off to one lane and when you come to the end there's a bunch of guys drinking coffee and standing around. That would be known as "night construction". They should all be slapped. Twice. I got home around 8:30 - it took me 4 hours to drive 130 miles which someone should be punished for. But after I got the suitcase emptied, threw a frozen pizza in, found pajamas and got situated on the couch with the World's Greatest Hunting Dog I felt better. Pearl is out this morning hunting again, the season ends around the last week in November so until then the cats and I have the house to ourselves. David has been having a great time with his friend Tom hunting the local areas.

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