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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I got a work phone, for work quite naturally. After I activated it, I got about 4 phone calls in a row. Hmm.  Apparently the former owner, Britney, owes money. To more than one person. I've managed to get rid of most of them, but there is one company - TRC out of Bloomsburg that is VERY  persistant.  I've looked them up on the internet and from what I've read they're a very aggressive bill collection agency - there's even an ad on YouTube for a lawyer if they're after you! I've had this issue before with  an old number on a work phone and telemarketers but this is miserable.  I looked and in the past week and a half they've called about 10 times! After I set up my voice mail that seemed to cure a lot of it with the other telemarketers, I made sure I mentioned I was a clinical manager for Bayada. But TRC, on and on they call. I told them politely I was not Britney. Then I tried ignoring it. The other day I was getting mad so the gentleman on the other end carefully took my phone number and assured me I would be taken off the list. My phone rang again tonight - TRC again - yes I was mean and nasty. Because what I've found in the past is unless you really get nasty they just pretend to take your name off the calling list since it's obviously too much trouble  to actually do it and they continue to call. The woman calling refused to tell me why she was calling and told me rather rudely it was none of my business - I pointed out she had called ME. She asked me why I wanted to know if I wasn't Britney and I told her it was because despite repeatedly asking to be removed from the list they were still calling and Britney most likely owed them money too as that was the only reason anyone would call so much and I wanted to be taken off the list. She said well, you've politely asked to be taken off the list six times - I was like then take me off the list already!! ARRGH.  It's more upsetting that unless you get aggressive and nasty they do nothing - I know it's probably a time consuming activity to remove someone but it seems like unless you're screaming and threatening they just can't be bothered. How annoying is that.

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Donna said...

Oh, this happened to me when I first got my cell phone. The former owner of my phone was Darryl Walliker, and I took to calling him "old Darryl". I got calls at 4 AM from girls who were obviously partying. One man called and asked for Darryl "the licker". The Cass County sheriff's department called and wondered if I might know his whereabouts.
Oh, it was quite an adventure. But you know, I kind of miss those calls.