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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Of Course!

 One of the reasons I really love doing home health is I get the holidays off - no more 12 hour shifts on the floors while the rest of the world settles in for  sweet potato pie and dinner rolls. Last year David's brother and sister in law came for the holiday - 8 days after we moved in! But it was fun, we managed to cobble together a dinner and guest room and it was a nice way to celebrate our new home. This year my sister and sister in law came up - we all have to work tomorrow so it was just for the day but since we now live only 2 hours apart it's do-able. I bought a huge-o-la turkey - 20 pounds - but I'm expecting my mom and stepfather for the weekend and who doesn't love thanksgiving leftovers? For me I bought a Tofurkey, I've never bought one before because they are VERY expensive - $24 which is more than I paid for the real deal. But when David and I did our shopping they were on sale for $11 which was reasonable - I don't mind paying the money but I've never had one and didn't know if I would like it or not. I can see paying $11 to experiment, not $24. The day started off stinky grey and cold, David took Pearl happy pants hunting - it's been years since he's gone on Thanksgiving and after a little prodding off they went - they got two pheasant so it was a good hunt for them. While they were gone I cleaned and picked up, set the table and put the wine in the fridge. Around 10 I got the turkey started - since Janet and Diane would be driving back home I wanted to eat early afternoon. They got here around 11 - it had started to snow a bit, David started a roaring fire in our fireplace. Since it was their first visit to this house they got the Grand Tour, after we had coffee and caught up. Dinner came out great, I even made the green bean casserole which I think everyone remembers from 1970-something - it was standard fare at every holiday and potluck when I was growing up. Green beans, cream of mushroom soup with French's Fried Onions - who can't take a bite of that and not be instantly transported back to the land of Gaucho pants and Dorothy Hamil haircuts? They brought a bottle of white wine from Duck Walk and we all tried the Tofurkey - the verdict was pretty good. It didn't taste like turkey which I was grateful for because if it had I would have thrown it out - but it was really good. It looks weird when you take it out of the box - almost like a light brown football - but when you take it out of the oven it browns up and when you slice it, it's stuffed with stuffing! They got going around 4:30 or so, I'm on the couch with my foot propped up in a splint (I was on it too much today and it's aching!). Pearl is beside me in a turkey coma, dreaming no doubt of future hunts. The fire is burning down and I'm watching Beauty and The Beast - there is nothing like a good Disney movie after a big holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone - I hope you all had a good one.

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