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Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun With Connie And Fred

 We've had a busy week, Janet and Diane for Thanksgiving, Mom and Fred for the weekend. They came up Friday but went to Mount Airy Lodge to try out the local casino. I was told it was so-so, but since I'm not taking up gambling it doesn't really affect my world one way or another. They got a bit turned around getting here - Mom was telling me she was on our street - I asked her if she'd seen a giant rubber chicken. Fred did so I knew they were on the wrong end of the road. The giant rubber chicken is in  a guy's yard and aside from being severely ugly it's kind of creepy as it's holding a plate of fried chicken. However it does have it's uses - like when guests end up on the wrong end of road. Saturday we headed out to Bethlehem for the Moravian Museum. The Moravians, as far as I can tell, had some sort of annoying religious beliefs so every time they settled somewhere they would annoy the locals and get asked to pack their toys and go. Eventually they saved up enough for a big place and stayed, but they died out or became less annoying over time- I don't remember which and here they stayed. Before we hit there however we saw a Christmas Festival which I should've known better given the huge amount of cars and tour buses. They charged to get it, it was super crowded and it was stalls and stalls of merchandise. But we had a nice German lunch and it was fun to look.  So after we got out of there we headed over to the museum which we already discussed and then headed home. Pearl was hostessing of course all weekend, sitting on top of each guest equally but as she gets older she gets less pesty. David was home yesterday, we didn't do too much. Bookstore, Chinese buffet and home to watch some football game. It's work for me today but we had a really fun weekend.

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Historic Bethlehem said...

The Moravians certainly ARE an interesting group of people -- they fascinate us on a regular basis! Thank you for your visit and we hope to see you again!