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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dave And Pearl

David met a fellow hunter a few weeks ago - David has the dog, the guy has  the fields. So off Pearl and Her Friend went - and they're still not back. I did speak to him, they got pheasants, had a great time and he's having a beer, I'm sure they're already reliving the hunt with Miss Pants snoring somewhere in the background.  We're starting to get a little bit more grounded lately, with my  much reduced hours and David having a regular work schedule things are coming around. We had decided a few weeks ago we would wait a full year before making any plans to stay or go and if we do decide to make One More Move the parties involved would have to have: a job in hand, a place to go that they had laid eyes on at LEAST twice, would need to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that moving would benefit all parties involved  and have the complete understanding that this is the Very Last Stop Before Actually Dying - because I have ONE more move and that's IT.  So like the last wish a genie grants it had better be a very careful and well thought out wish.  But in the meantime the other thing we discussed is we're actively trying to like it here instead of acting like we're just biding our time until something better comes along  - we're looking for things to do and people to meet. We had dinner on Sunday with friends in Lake Ariel, Joe and Eileen - they made a huge Italian spread and we spent the evening talking and eating. We left a bowl of candy on a lawn chair  at our house before we left just in case but when we came back it hadn't been touched, not even the bear had been by to see what we got good.  So much for Halloween. The Ghosts I keep up year around will be getting into their Pilgrim outfits soon - move it along move it along!!

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