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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Trip So Far.

I took a vacation day -   since I 'm heading out this way, it's fun to just wander my way here instead of fighting traffic to arrive in the dark and scamper off to the conference at first light. I left around 9 am, took all back roads to Lancaster first, there was a yarn shop I wanted to hit on the way. I went to a total of 3 on the way here, two were great - one was in Tourist Land and was priced accordingly. As usual I went by about 4 billion places to eat, grocery stores, etc - later later. The last stop was a bit of a stretch - I went to Borders with a coupon of course figuring it had to be in a shopping complex. My figuring was incorrect unless I was planning on eating at Staples. As I got closer to the hotel it got more congested and not only would pulling off be difficult - I saw no where to get food.  I parked at a strip mall - there had to be something. I ended up in an Indian grocery desperately looking for something not stinking of curry (it's not an ethnic slur - I HATE curry) and walked out with some figs and some other cha cha that was curry free.  30 feet down the road was a Pita Pit (SCORE!) so I picked up something for dinner there. I hate to eat alone in a restaurant - I always feel self conscious waiting for my food - where am I supposed to look? - and if you eat in the hotel the food has an 80% chance of being horribly overpriced and a 75% chance of being something you wouldn't eat on a bet.  If I'm alone I prefer to eat in my room while gloating over my purchases of the day while pathetically trying to find any channel that doesn't feature a newscaster with a hairstyle from 1985. At the hotel I tried to use my credit card only to have it declined. I have a debit card of course but wanted to put it on the credit card to keep more money free for yarn purchases I might have to make. A quick call to Chase - they haven't posted the payment for the seventy five buckaroos we owe them. Yes you heard right - Chase Visa has put a hold on my credit card because our payment of exactly $74.85 cents is late by a week and a half. David called  to try and pay it but didn't know his bank routing number (who does??) and since it's a computer glitch (the payment actually was sent, just not posted) my care remains on hold. As soon as it's paid off it will be cancelled as that is ridiculous - we are never late and we pay off the balance as soon as we get it. So I'm currently sitting in the Marriot eating figs and getting ready to knit - the conference starts at 7:30 but it's right down the road so it will be just a quick scamper down the road. Until then I'll be eating figs and knitting!

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