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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hunting, My foot and Other Sundry Items

Have you noticed there's a few more hunting pictures these days? David was lucky enough to find someone that hunts and they've been having a ball along with Pearl The Super Dog. I have to laugh because Pearl usually greets me full speed ahead - you open the door and she comes slinging through likes she hasn't seen another living soul for years. The past couple of weeks after a full day of hunting she comes pottering out to the kitchen, gives me A It's Just You look and heads back for the couch. They don't go every day so she gets a chance to recover before her next round of heading out.  But it's good for her and since I'm still dealing with this painful plantar facshitits I'm glad to know she's getting the exercise I can't do anymore. I'm back to the foot doctor tomorrow as my foot still continues to pain me - it's gone on way too long in my opinion. And pain after awhile is just frustrating. Hopefully it will be better soon. I've been doing a lot of knitting quite naturally - the shawl I started is almost half done. It's all scrunched up so it doesn't look like much so far but I think when I get it blocked it will be super neat. I've got other projects lined up and I've slowed down on buying books and stuff - since I pretty much have them all, don't I?

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Sinéad said...

I bet Pearl is just exhausted at the end of the day! Good for her, she'll be fit as a fiddle!
Sorry to hear your foot isn't any better, I hope it gets sorted soon.