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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Foot

Well, back to the foot doctor I went - I have a splint to wear at night which keeps my foot straight up and the tendon stretched. I also have a prescription for physical therapy - a lot  of it mind you. The doctor is getting concerned because it should not still be this bad at times and if the PT doesn't work we will be back to the drawing board. I'm supposed to keep off it as much as possible so  I've been knitting  and watching movies in my spare time, I can still use my Elipse and my exercise bicycle which gets me moving. I'll look into the PT next week as I've been very busy lately. Work is picking up but as crazy as our office gets I still have the weekends to myself 99% of the time and rarely am out late - it's challenging and sometimes overwhelming but we work together well as a group. Working with kids is hilarious at all times, some of my clients notes include the Time Out Bench and detention, drama club and recess. I've started doing a bit of knitting for them when I have the time, their parents appreciate it more than they do (what kid wants a hat??) - but it's all good. Today David and I went to the Chinese Buffet before we went grocery shopping ,with David's new hours we are reduced to having one full day together a week so we try to do something fun since the other activity we do is grocery shopping on that day. I LOVE the Chinese buffet, I could live there forever and ever. I don't understand why Chinese buffets tend to include cheese & macaroni and creamed spinach but then again I've never been to China so maybe it is a local dish - who am I to say? We've been getting a little better at the grocery budget, it probably averages out to about $120 a week, I'd like to get it down further but the prices around here are not cheap. And we bring our lunches to work, both of us and we only eat out once a week so all things considered, I don't think it's that bad. The Yarn Budget is another story, I have slowed down due to Lack Of Space and I have to start knitting it up faster than I buy it I suppose. But they keep sending me stinkin emails that they have a sale!, clearance!, addi turbo bamboo needles! - it's like having a pipe sale at a crack house, how am I to resist??

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Donna said...

I think they put the macaroni and cheese there for kids, with whom it's a big favorite. And by the way, there's very little authentic Chinese food on a Chinese buffet; it's all been Americanized to suit our tastes. At least that's what I've read.