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Thursday, November 18, 2010

In The Dark

Yesterday we woke up to a terrible storm - wind howling, rain pounding, trees whipping. I was lying there thinking I should get up and start the coffee, but then decided to wait - and the electric went out. Bastards. This house has a well, an electric stove so when the lights go off, we   are effectively screwed. David suggested we back to sleep which we did for awhile. Then I got  Bored. No coffee. No Facebook. No shower,oatmeal, TV, nothing.  It was like being dead. Stuck in limbo. I was again counseled to GO BACK TO SLEEP. I counseled David to go to the gas station and get coffee which he then wanted to know why HE had to do that and then I had to list a LOT of reasons why he should do it. Not to mention I was so Very Very Bored I was about to cease breathing which David might have been in favor of at that point.  Finally David broke and went to the gas station for a couple of gallons of water and coffee. The lights came back on quite naturally as soon as he brought the coffee and water in. This morning the coffee perk-u-lated in it's usually friendly manner and as we were having our first cup - lights out AGAIN. This time there was no reason for it to be out. When I called the electric company they were surprised too but the guy told me there seemed to be a lot more calls coming in - and he was right, our entire neighborhood was out. Despite sneaky questioning he still didn't know why or when it would come back on and took a report in order to distract me. David had taken his shower the night before and he had his coffee, I looked like a rag. Pearl and I went and hung out in the yard - BORING - but at least I had my coffee. I called again around 7:20 and the little message told me they would have the lights on by 9 which would have been ok if I hadn't needed to be at work at 8:30 and still looked like a rag.  So, using the 2 gallons of water I managed to wash my hair and myself really well. If pioneers had bottled water I would have done VERY well. yes I would have . Would too. Shut up. Anyhoo, about 30 seconds after I was done and was trying to figure out how to Pioneer Blow Dry my hair (plan A involved darting around the yard. A Lot) of course the lights came back on. Bastards. So I quickie  hopped in the shower since I actually hadn't done as a great a job as I said and got the rest of the soap out of my hair and was only 10 minutes late to work after I cleaned up my Pioneer Mess. I am leaving a couple buckets of water on the back porch just in case - but I will be a very Angry Pioneer if it happens again tomorrow.


Donna said...

Hey, I can relate. We went through about two months of the electricity going off about three times a week. Finally the company trimmed all trees touching the line and the problem is fixed.

Sinéad said...

Oh I HATE that! No coffee? Disaster. Typical the electric comes back on as soon as you get the coffee and then again as soon as you wash with cold water. I hope it didn't happen again!