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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Change Of Seasons.

 I woke up last night freezing and stumbled over to the air conditioning to turn it off. The cat was jammed up tight, annoyed I hadn't woken up earlier - it's all about the cat if you hadn't guessed. I'm not sure if fall is right around the corner or we're all hoping it is- this summer has not been pleasant, has it? Usually we only get a month or so of hot dry weather, this summer it seems up until the past couple of weeks it's been breathtakingly hot. But when I stuck my head out this morning I was thinking I would wear long pants to walk today, it might even be cool enough for that. Pearl is doing well enough, but we've had to add prednisone as even with the new medication the tumors were getting big. And it's not the ones we can see that we worry about, it's the ones we can't. But she was good this week and she loves her walks in the park. I'm also bringing zucchini with me, it just keeps coming in unstoppable heaps. Charlene will take some and one of my patients said you can freeze it. To slice and freeze it on cookie sheets, then freezer bag it. I think I'll try it with a couple today and see how it comes out. I just cannot look at another zucchini dish! David counted a dozen watermelons in various forms of production, we'll see if we still love watermelon by September!  I still am too chicken to pull the beets, I wish there was a way for me to peek at them without pulling them first. I've got a compost pile going near the garden, it works out for everyone. Whatever the local wildlife wants to eat, they can, the rest is composting away. The sunflowers appear to be going to seed which is super interesting, at least to me. My shawl is coming along, I've got one more time with Chart One and then on to Chart Two. My new glasses are great, I can really see the stitches now and no longer have to turn on every light we own to knit. My appointment for the extensive eye exam is at the end of the month, not wanting to do that but I suppose I should.  David and  I went out to breakfast yesterday for the first time in ages, I had pecan pancakes at Cracker Barrel - we had to drop my car off for the rest of the repairs. I'm going to keep my car til at least January which is the best month to get a car deal and then see if I want to trade it in or not. With the cooler weather we're starting to make plans to finish the house, that will cover the weekends!

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Lucy said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I love my crock pot but I am not a vegetarian so I usually use meat in my recipe's. Actually at 82 I use a recipe very little. Just my husband and I and our fat beagle who I am trying to slim down. He is nearly 10 years old and pretty stiff at times. He is from the animal shelter. We love him to pieces.