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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hot Wheels!

 We were actually going out to buy groceries yesterday. I had slept in so we got a late start. The night before Pearl had us up - the vet increased her prednisone so she had to potty about 1 am. And 2:30. And 5. Then Friday night I was on call - and they did. I couldn't get back to sleep, then I did, then they called again. So Saturday we were just doodling and pottering about - before we left David asked me to look at a car he found on the computer at a local dealer. We've been having increasing issues with this last CRV and in the past year it's been going to the garage more and more. This last repair still didn't solve the problem so we hit that point - do you dump more money in the car you have and hope for the best - or do you take the plunge? So, we've been sort of looking for the past couple of months, David searching on the internet and pulling into car lots on Sunday. We had to hurry, they were closing early but made it in plenty of time. The car was exactly what I was looking for - it's a Subaru Emprenza - big enough for all my home care stuff, 36 miles to the gallon and all wheel drive.  They gave us a pretty good trade in on my car, shimmy and all and within an hour and a half we were new car owners. The only thing that was a little nerve wracking is it's NEW. Brand spanking new! Twenty six miles on it as we pulled off the lot. I have never owned a new car before, we usually buy used at least a couple of years. But the gas mileage sold us on this and well, I'm fifty one now and think I am old enough finally to be responsible for a new car. The only problem is going to be Reuben. He will eventually be my hiking buddy and I plan to start him soon with some easy trails. But he gets hideously carsick. The last time we went to the vet (15 miles from the house) he barfed three times. I think we can break him of it eventually, part of it I know is anxiety. When you even get him near the car he starts freaking - who can blame him? I think we can use Dramamine and then start cutting it back - but that little experiment will involve him actually riding in a car. A NEW car. Hmm.

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