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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rocking The Backroad

 I had a visit to do way out - I hadn't been out that way since we'd moved so I really meandered my way home. When I worked as a visit nurse this was one of my territories and one of the things I still miss about that is being on the road. You cannot find a more beautiful state then West Virginia and SW PA - some places are almost beyond belief they're so beautiful. Sometimes you'll head down a back road only to have it open up to a mountain range, I started down a dirt and gravel road and found a huge, sparkling lake. I stopped at a graveyard I had passed on my way out and walked amongst the headstones, some dating from the early 1800's, others no more then a hand hewn flat rock with the lettering worn off. You wonder - how long did they live? Why did the mother die two years after the baby? Why would a family spend so much on a huge ornate gravestone for a child that only lived 3 days - were they incredibly wealthy - or incredibly heartbroken? In the midst of this was an enormous statue, why so big, why here, who are you and why are you so important? or loved? Maybe that's what fascinates me so much about graveyards, not what I can see but what I can't. I've had a lot to think about lately and walking in the quiet calms me and clears my mind, a strange form of meditation perhaps. I got home later then I had planned but I had a good time and felt better. David has been working on the house a bit lately, as I had mentioned we're concentrating on the kitchen. He put the door in today with a screen. It's top to bottom windows so it brightens it up a bit - he also found a returned special order skylight which will very much help. We've had this problem with a couple of the older homes we've bought in the past - the original house has things added on - porches, garage, etc and the windows are either removed or under an extended roof and it makes the room dark all the time. Even at noon you have to turn on the lights if you really need to see well. But the way the kitchen is structured there's really no where to add more windows back so we have to work around that. It will be nice to be in there during the day and be able to see stuff. Speaking of which still loving my glasses, it took a few days for me to get used to them, especially the bifocal effect. Now I just have my appointment at the end of the month - I would say that doesn't worry me but it does a little.  I'll get through it and be done. I have not been working on my shawl as much as I'd like to - having to do the chart FIVE times is a bit wearing to say the least. I have ten rows left of the the 4rth repeat, then the 5th, then I'm finally onto chart 2. I'm pretty sure I have the right amount of yarn but if I don't it will be an issue. I love hand dyed locally made yarn but the downside of it is of course if you need a little more yarn it's not a trip to the local craft store - it's an undertaking of epic  magnitude.

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Sinéad said...

Beautiful views! I can see why you got home later than planned :) I'm glad all is well with you.