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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Show Me The Weigh

 I got weighed last week after putting it off. Actually, it was just hard getting there  with all that's been going on lately - and keeping my weight from creeping back up has become a balancing act. I'm still around my goal weight, but closer to it than I am comfortable with. I like to keep a few pounds between me and exile back into Rolypoly land - if you go past your goal weight by more than two pounds Weight Watchers will start charging you again - as long as you behave you get to be a Free-Bee.  It's a good system I suppose, except for us that are happily sliding to hell in a hand basket, a cookie in each hand and a case of Yoo Hoo in the back. In the past 3 months I've gone down to once a month meetings and it is starting to show. I find it so easy to slide back into old habits - giving my self the weekend "off" and acting as if it doesn't count. But just because I don't count it, doesn't mean it doesn't show up on the scale. Falling off my diet when I was on vacation I expected to do, having such a hard time getting back on it I didn't. But I am doing it - a bit at a time. I've stopped rewarding myself with food, stopped telling myself I'll start my diet again tomorrow - I promise! - that TODAY is the day I'll get up and exercise, not Monday, not Sunday - Today. No more last suppers, last donuts - if I eat it I write it. And for now I''m trying to plan things for the weekend instead of hanging about the house which I love to do. I've often said we don't spend enough time at home, we work so hard to have nice fun things- and then we spend all of our time frantically running around trying to make money so we can have more things. But it's time to get out of the house. With fall (hopefully) around the corner I'm trying to get Pearl out more. She's doing OK by the way - she had a vet appointment that went well  and the pill we started her on did make the tumors smaller. She seems more herself and if she continues to feel good we can start walking some more. Also too we are considering how to finish up the house. I see David pulled up the last of the stained carpeting upstairs revealing the hideous 50's style linoleum (you realize if this HG TV he would have pulled up the rug to reveal perfect oak flooring from the civil war. But this is our house. You get tan speckled linoleum, live with it). I want to finish off the kitchen, the rest of the carpet will have to wait, we are going to do something with the basement as we spend a lot of time down there with our home gym. We have expensive equipment in a welfare housing room. There's always something to do around here. I have to rearrange the kitchen, between moving in and David redoing a lot of it, everything got shifted and shifted again. The coffee, some spices and dog's medication are next to the oven. The pots are next to the fridge and the dishes are next to the stove. The canned goods are spread all over, etc and I found some swanky plastic ware that has the sole function of sucking up space. We have things piled on the counter and empty cabinets beneath.  I'm on call in a couple of weeks and have to be home so I figure that will be a good day to do those things. As we get closer to fall I'm getting back to cooking - dinner has been low calorie affairs most night due to all the fresh vegetables I have to try and eat. My zucchini plants have become manic little things, sneaky making more zucchini when they think no one is looking. We have nine in the house and there are more forming as I write. Kind of like that movie with the people pods.Maybe zucchini will take over the world. Or Garards Fort.  

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