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Thursday, August 16, 2012

For Where Art Thou Reuben

 Reuben, up until now has had his moments but for the most part has been a pretty good puppy. That all changed yesterday when I came home to a re-enactment of The Day After Tomorrow. I was so stunned I didn't even take a picture. What was left of my footstool sat next to a giant pee spot - on the carpet. The edge of the end table had been gnawed but the piece de resistance was the wing back chair. Or what was formerly a wing back chair. It looked like it had spontaneously combusted in the room, fabric hanging in shreds, the floor a sea of batting and splinters. I quickly removed the gate so Pearl could fly up the stairs, she wanted no part of this mess, no sirree bob. If you need her she'll be under the bed thank you very much. Reuben hid by the sink but it did him no good (he is terrible at hiding you might have noticed). I more screamed then anything else, when you're that mad you need to keep your hands to yourself but be assured it will not be happening again. No, he is still alive to tell the tale but we are back to crating him - he's just too young to be left to his own devices and no one enjoyed yesterday at all. We'll start leaving him out for short periods of time since I'd like to eventually for  him to have the run of the house but for now for eveyone's sake (and safety! He ate a WHOLE chair and I didn't kill him! It was like a Dr. Phil moment) he will be a prisoner for time during the day. Pearl just looks at him in it like she cannot believe anyone can be  that stupid. Oh well, I guess we all have our moments. Didn't know what I was going to do this weekend but I guess we'll be out furniture shopping. For a new chair REUBEN. The temps have dropped a little - by a little I mean it hits about the mid eighties but after this summer we can deal. My garden is still producing zucchini by the foot, by Sunday whenI see Charlene I should be able to fill her trunk. And then some. The sunflowers are growing heavy, their  blooms facing down, they look a bit ashamed I think. Or maybe so the birds will leave them alone, I've noticed we've been attracting finches lately.  I'm not sure how the seeds get formed but I suppose I'll find out soon. I have about 6 good sized watermelons, about 3 pounds about now and hopefully will be getting bigger soon. I have four beets now but not sure when they're ready to pull, I know that once you pull them you can't put them back so that's a big nerve wracking. I have  ONE  ear of corn.  But it's a really nice ear of corn, it's probably the Best Ear Of Corn In The Universe. As you can tell summer is starting to wind down and after this year - I can't wait for fall!

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