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Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Sight For Sore Eyes

 I got my glasses yesterday - they called when I was part way home so I turned around and went back. The woman handed them to me to try on and turned a mirror. I shrieked and yipped "ACK! I'm old!". It took her a second but then we sat there, laughing our butts off much to the amusement of the other customers -  one should always enjoy old age. I got bifocals without a line and it is taking some getting used to but I can see what I'm knitting now and that was the whole point of this expedition. Seeing where I'm going is secondary. David and I have been discussing the kitchen a lot lately, trying to figure out how we'd like to finish it. We are repainting it white because of the darker  wood that's been added, he's putting in skylights,we need to change out the lighting fixtures (low ceilings and fans just don't work for me!) -  the counters are a huge and expensive decision. The bathroom will have to wait - that we look at, can't figure anything out and leave it be. With an older home it's a little tougher, up until the 70's football stadium sized kitchens and bathrooms were not in. The bathroom here is the same size we had when I was growing up, just enough room for the toilet, tub and sink and not much else. There were no decorative niches, floor to ceiling shelving or heated towel racks. The same with the kitchen - so you have to scale it all down. The living room has been settled, we have our big furniture, just not a lot of it.  The backyard remains the same, we are waiting til next month to replace the lawn furniture when everything goes on super clearance. By then it will be cool enough to actually sit out there and we can use it right into October. I guesss I'd better get moving - a lot to do today!

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