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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall From Grace.

I am on call this week. Eww. Due to HIPPA I cannot talk about it but I am allowed to say they have been calling like crazy!  However, I digress. I had said since I was on call I would be rearranging the kitchen as between moves and renovations everything was where it should not be. So Sunday morning David went shooting and I got cleaning. It took a good part of the morning but I managed to get rid of the bakers rack, move the table and take a lot off  the counters. Then I did General Housecleaning which included cleaning the mirrors. Upstairs. As I passed by the windows I suddenly thought I should clean the middle one from the top. David had put a half table in front so my Master Plan was to stand on the table, open the window, quickie wash it and La La! So I got up on the table and stood - it actually crossed my mind this might not be a good idea -that was right before I realized the table was not nailed, but freestanding. It's a heavy wood table and it suddenly flipped forward, I was airborne and WHACK! I hit my right shin full force, left ankle and my knee. David did his usual, we've been married over 30 years and this is not first time for one of my time savers to end in disaster. His usual mode is to A) figure out if I'm alive B) how badly I'm hurt and then he acts accordingly.  He righted the table and cleaned up while I limped down to the kitchen for ice. Of course since I was stuck sitting with ice I decided to paint my toe nails and flipped over the nail polish. David cleaned that up, quietly announced he could not look at me anymore for right now and went to take a bath. When I got up yesterday my ankle was not too bad, the right leg was swollen(have you ever had the FRONT of your leg swell - its really bizarre). I ended up in the Urgent Care after work  for an X Ray just to make sure and then they gave me a tetanus shot because after hearing how I hurt myself the doctor thought it might cover me for Future Endeavors (I think I also might have mentioned to her that I put a nail through the back of my heel a couple of weeks ago. And the skunk. the poison ivy........). Oh well, I never lack for conversation. My new car is running just fine, I'm really enjoying it and this weekend I need to shift my crap around so it fits. Being in home care means always having a full trunk. So, I've gotten no knitting done this week between work, call and injuries. The tetanus shot sight is really hurting and I'm aching all over - I think it's early to bed and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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