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Saturday, January 8, 2005

And I thought we were in the "sun belt"......

We finally got some snow - 5 inches followed by freezing rain - there's nothing more exciting than driving to work without the benefit of brakes. I especially loved it when the tail-gater attempted to pass me and fishtailed right away which convinced them to stay away. Work has been going well (so far). Small town hospitals can have the best toys since they get  alot more government grants and community funding. They have a calendar of on going in house classes and will accomodate your schedule to them.  I had a patient die on me this week and that lead to Fun And Games in the morgue. We brought the body down but hadn't put the bed up and got the body stuck hanging off the bed. The door opened a crack and it was a guy in a flannel shirt and baseball cap. Turned out he was from the funeral home coming for another body and was happy to help. We found an outlet to raise the bed so we trudled over (everyone hanging on)and there was a sound at the door. You know how it is - you go in the morgue EVERYONE goes in the morgue. But not this time - someone on the other side had locked the deadbolt and the other nurse was pulling at the door so it was REALLY locked. Good thing the supervisor waited before walking away - she thought someone had left it open. So then she came in followed by the director of the funeral home who was wondering what was taking so long......we had quite a crowd going. We got everyone squared away and managed to get  back to the floor before end of shift. The hospital is very small town and when the other nurses read the paper they know all the suspects and victims and can pretty much tell you if they've always been trouble. Jackson's been home most of the week, they cancelled school on Wednesday and Thursday and then 2 our delay on Friday so he considers this a Sucessful Week In School. Animals are all fine of course, David's been using the woodstove alot and we've noticed that Vincent doesn't move a muscle until the last ember has died out. That 2nd picture is exactly how he stays for hour, Outside no longer exists for him. I think he's  sucessfully Made The World Go Away!

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